Welcome to my website!


I am Olena Amelina, an English teacher from Ukraine.

I hope that everyone, who  visits my website,  will find something useful for himself. I propose you  scheduling lessons in terms, the samples of work for the development of writing skills on various topics and in different classes, my  vision of webquests in different classes, the samples of international experience in teaching of writing, educational videos, a variety of tasks in the test form to improve the skills of students in vocabulary and grammar , the tasks for verification of acquired skills in the form of Google forms. You’ll find everything you need as teachers of English. 

I offer some site’s pages such as:

Home  pagehere you will find some information about me and  the explaination why you should learn English.

Work experience (I posted here my works of some methodological issues).

Planning of English lessons for students of  Ukrainian schools in two semesters.

Learn a writing (here I posted didactic material of foreign colleagues in teaching of writing).

An educational video on grammar, vocabulary and reading training for students of different age groups.

English language textbooks, workbooks and booklets for pupils of different age groups. The books are offered to  Ukrainian students.

Check knowledge –  I expanded the material to test skills in grammar and  vocabulary.

Improve skills in grammar and vocabulary.

Publisher – where I described the events which I held with my students or my colleagues.

My class – here you will find the information about my students.

Preparation for final tests of English in Ukraine.

Projects and webquests – here you will find the tasks for projects and webquests.

My pedagogical credo “Respect and understand any child, then she/he will respond you the same way.”

The year 2016 has been declared as the Year of English in Ukraine.

I’ll be happy if you share your experiences with me.